A concept for the marine industry, where Njordrecycle adhere to the vision of a greener and more cost saving way of performing service. Imagine cutting days off the normal downtime for a service, and at the same time ensure that your Technical Superintendent have a far better overview of the costs and budgets. That is the way of Njordrecycle and our trademarked SwingpartsTM program.


And thier benefits

We know that flexibility, reliability, and fast action are key parameters for our customers, and with our independent spare parts service center, we are our customers' access to spare parts from all over the world.


To ensure our customer a fast and safe delivery, we offer stock solutions of our customers 'spare parts, so that we can always - at short notice - prepare, document and send customers' spare parts.


  • flexible warehousing solutions: We offer warehousing solutions for everything from large spare parts to small packages, which make it easy to pick from our warehouse via our extranet and request just-in-time delivery.

  • Third party evaluated and ready for inspection at any time.

  • Use them between ships with same needs. One for all avoiding unnecessary parts onboard.

  • Expand the spare parts lifetime, have them stored by experts in the right conditions.

  • Get them ready to use ahead of docking and minimize waiting time.

    Become a Swingpart user

    How it is set in motion


    Njordrecycle are given notice and the following are set in motion.

    • Njordrecycle can either have requested spares in storage, with reports of condition and estimated lifetime, or scan the market for second parts suited. If none can be found a quote for new parts can also be a solution.

    • Quotes is drawn up.

    • Parts are ordered.

    When a ship overhaul commences, all parts needed is packed for shipment

    When the ship arrives at the designated harbor the parts are already at the docks and ready to be mounted.

    Subsequently to the overhaul, the replaced parts are packed and returns to Njordrecycle for inspection and a following report and quote for re-overhaul. The report and the parts are locked to the costumer’s account. They get stored as is, or as ready to go depending on costumer choice.

    The prize

    We ask our customers for an investment. Invest in the potential. Invest in progress and future.

    We guarantee that an investment in Swingparts is the best deal you as a customer can make if your ship is to be maintained and operated for several years to come. An investment in the ship's propulsion is not only an investment in the ship's daily operation, it is also a security in the ship's value, sales price and earning potential.


    Swingparts ™ activates the shipowner's spare parts as an investment in not just a single ship's operation.

    Swingparts ™ ensures that shipowners' spare parts are stored, valued and documented by a third party.

    Swingparts ™ a competitor to the market's existing service contracts.

    Swingparts ™ is your opportunity to buy and sell parts at the correct market price.